TCT is devoted to presenting experimental, provocative, and socially-conscious plays.  TCT is also committed to presenting works that depict a range of identities more reflective of today’s society; to dismantling norms and stereotypes through non-reactionary, honest means; and to freshly presenting both well-known and rarely-staged classical plays.


Thinking Cap Theatre is devoted to being a leading theatre company in the South Florida region and a recognized creative home for new and emerging playwrights.


Thinking Cap Theatre is committed to:

  • Bridging the gap between artistic experimentation and audience accessibility.
  • Creating a meaningful context for conversation among artists and audience members.
  • Promoting and presenting experimental, thought-provoking theatre.
  • Staging bold and innovative interpretations of classical plays.
  • Representing the mission of the “50/50 in 2020 Project” by equally programming works by women and men and by employing women directors and designers year-round.
  • Fairly compensating professional artistic and management staff.
  • Serving as a resource for professional and non-professional artists and youth.
  • Developing community-based arts projects that reflect the diversity of South Florida.
  • Building relationships with the community through creative partnerships.

The Company

Thinking Cap Theatre is driven to becoming one of the leading theatre companies in the South Florida region and a recognized creative home for new and emerging playwrights locally, nationally, and internationally. We couldn’t complete this vision without our dedicated team.

Nicole Stodard

Producing Artistic Director

Alyiece Moretto

Director of Design and Operations

Carey Hart

Production Stage Manager

Casey Dressler

Director of Special Events

Emma Magner

Front of House Manager

Patrick Watkins

Director of Music

Mark Duncan

Company Member

Niki Fridh

Company Member

Noah Levine

Company Member

Elizabeth Price

Company Member

Mariah Busk

Company Member

Desiree Mora

Company Member

Mitch Silverman

Resident Research Librarian

Dominique Nadeau

Director of Community Relations

Community Outreach

Thinking Cap Theatre is committed to building and facilitating relationships with the South Florida community through creative partnerships.

Thinking Cap Theatre has partnered with hospices and helped incorporate drama and performance into their bereavement and community outreach services. Thinking Cap also programs readings and productions of plays on death & dying for hospice patients and their families, hospice staff, and their broader communities.

Most recently, TCT partnered with Treasure Coast Hospice to provide drama workshops for youth centered on the theme of treasuring life. In May 2011, following a three-month drama workshop series, our Artistic Director, Nicole Stodard, wrote and directed an original play entitled CHOICE OF LIFE. This 19-character play, based loosely on the short story Rasselas by the English author, Samuel Johnson, addresses issues related to youth, gang violence, and shooting deaths.

If you’re interested in partnering with Thinking Cap Theatre, please contact us!

Email: Nicole Stodard, nicole@thinkingcaptheatre.com

Past Performances

TCT Reviews

November 30, 2017

I am a regular theatre-goer, and every Thinking Cap production I’ve seen has been wonderful—funny and sad at turns, and deeply thought-provoking. TCT has my highest recommendation.

November 30, 2017

What theater is about... Thinking outside the box, always fresh